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How the Youth Do Develop Their Thoughts and Interpretations about Sexual Identity Free Essay Example, 2750 words

The paper explores why some young adults develop a desire to become a professional health educator so that young people will not have unanswered questions about their sexuality due to their family and friends own private embarrassment of answering them. This should never be the case because it does impinge upon their developing needs and their psychological development with regard to sexual identity without question (Dupras et al 2001, pg. 108). Together these studies lead to the conclusion that students and parents do not feel comfortable discussing sexual issues. It also implies that students want to be different in their parenting skills when it comes to sexual education. Other issues that affect the growing developing minds of young adults are the questions that they never get answered, which is something that was mentioned. However, there are those that do tackle these issues despite the repercussions they might face within society. Issues that are more in-depth sexually ar e simply not talked about and this does affect intimacy levels later in life and also research has found that for females it can directly affect them in enjoying their bodies sexually because they have too many fears and unanswered questions. Much of this has to do with religious paranoia from adults in society. For example and to validate this, studies have proven that the Christians restrictive attitude towards sex places adversities in sexual education and understanding for the youth population. We will write a custom essay sample on How the Youth Do Develop Their Thoughts and Interpretations about Sexual Identity or any topic specifically for you Only $17.96 $11.86/page

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She Walks in Beauty Free Essays

George Gordon Byron was a well known romantic poet in the 19th century, a passionate womanizer as well as a hero in Greece. He was born in London in 1788, and became a Lord in 1798 when he inherited the title and the estate from his great-uncle (Gamber). Thus he became the well known Lord Byron. We will write a custom essay sample on She Walks in Beauty or any similar topic only for you Order Now Several months before meeting his first wife, Lord Byron attended a party at Lady Sitwell’s at June 1814 (Gamber). Mrs. Wilmot, Lord Byron’s beautiful cousin, attended the party in a black mourning dress. The poet became captivated by his cousin’s alluring beauty; her fair face contrasting with her dark hair and dress. Inspired by the opposing shades that created such an attractive woman, he wrote a poem about her in 1814 (Gamber). In Lord Byron’s â€Å"She Walks in Beauty,† motifs, personification and imagery express the theme that the combining of light and dark reflect a perfect inner and outer beauty. Lord Byron connects two pairs of motifs in â€Å"She Walks in Beauty† to establish the theme. One motif is dark and light while the other is inner and outer beauty. Throughout the poem he combines the negative and positive things of a woman and creates a perfect whole (â€Å"Lord†). â€Å"She walks in beauty, like the night/ Of cloudless climes and starry skies;†(1-2) These first two lines combine night with stars to illustrate that without stars the night would be a black void, but together, they illustrate a shimmering sky. â€Å"And all that’s best of dark and bright/ Meet in her aspect and her eyes:/ Thus mellow’d to that tender light†(3-5) Here two opposing forces meet in this woman to create a mellowed whole (â€Å"She†). This ties back to the theme because the inner and outer beauty of the woman act as positive reflections of each other as the outcome of the balance in between dark and light. â€Å"The smiles that win, the tints that glow. † (15) The woman has a tender aspect and a glowing smile, both of which are attractive outer beauties. â€Å"A mind at peace with all below,/ A heart whose love is innocent! † (17-18) Byron describes her as having a peaceful mind and virtuous heart, meaning her conscience is also perfect. The woman’s entire being is perfect because of the proportion between the dark and light meeting in her (â€Å"Analysis†). Byron states that if she had â€Å"One shade the more, one ray the less,† (7) she would be half as splendid. Together good and bad become tender, and both the body and soul of this woman reflect this tenderness. Personification creates a romantic image of the woman’s physical and mental figure to accent the effects of the bond of dark and light. Byron uses this to emphasize that the woman is only so beautiful because of this bond, as said in the theme. Byron first personifies Heaven by giving it the attribute to deny something. â€Å"Thus mellow’d to that tender light/Which heaven to gaudy day denies. (5-6) The personification of heaven shows that her beauty has a â€Å"tender light† that is unlike daytime —which is flashy—but so tender that heaven denies daytime the honor of having (â€Å"She†). This connects to the theme because the woman is only tender because light and bright meet in her. Byron then personifies her thoughts by giv ing them the ability to express to show how gentle the woman is (Cummings). â€Å"Where thoughts serenely sweet express†(11) The following line states that her thought’s home is pure and dear. â€Å"How pure, how dear their dwelling-place. (12) Since thoughts are not physical and cannot have a literal â€Å"dwelling-place† Byron uses personification to stress her virtuousness (Cummings). This can be tied to the theme because the previous lines implement the balance of shades and rays which are followed by the personification of her pure mind. Her pure mind is something inside her that cannot be seen; it is an inner beauty. â€Å"The smiles that win, the tints that glow,/But tell of days in goodness spent,† (15-16) Her smiles win over people’s hearts but reflect good morality. Smiles cannot speak, so Byron personifies them with the ability to â€Å"tell† of how good the woman is. A smile is an outer beauty, a mind is an inner beauty, and this connects with the theme regarding the fact that her inner and outer beauty are in a perfect pair. Lord Byron captures the radical difference of illumination and shade with imagery. He also describes the woman’s appearance with this literary device. In the first line, Byron creates an obscure vision for the reader. â€Å"She walks in beauty, like the night. †(1) Night is black and somber, and this line is used to make the feel reader insecure and unsure. However, in the next line, Byron introduces the radiance of stars, which perfects the image of the woman’s likeness to the night (â€Å"She†). â€Å"Of cloudless climes and starry skies;†(2) Without the introduction of stars into the black night, the woman would be incomplete. This ties back to the theme because the woman’s beauty is complete because she is not only obscure but also radiant. Byron uses imagery to describe the woman’s fair skin in contrast with her raven colored hair to visually show how beautiful dark and light can be together. â€Å"One shade the more, one ray the less,/Had half impair’d the nameless grace/ Which waves in ever raven ress/Or softly lightens o’er her face;† (7-10) He states that if anything changed, if the woman had more light or more darkness in her, she wouldn’t be as splendid. This stresses the theme in the sense that the woman has the perfect amount of each contrasting force (â€Å"Analysis†). In the last stanza Byron positively uses imagery to illustrate the woman’s face. â€Å"And so on that cheek, and o’er that brow,/So soft, so calm, yet eloquent,† (13-14) The woman’s face is not only delicate but also dazzling. Byron finalizes all the sums of dark and bright to finally show the overall product—A beautiful woman, in and out. Through motifs, personification and imagery, Lord Byron establishes that with the combination of light and dark, a woman attains a perfect inner and outer beauty. The two motifs in his poem are dark and light as well as inner and outer beauty. Byron uses personification to develop the woman’s physical and mental attributes. Imagery is used as a visual aid for the readers to imagine the woman’s beauty. Throughout the poem he stresses that the good and bad things of a woman is what makes her perfect. The woman’s beauty is a reflection of her pure ways, which only exist because of the balance of light and dark in her. How to cite She Walks in Beauty, Papers

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Mendel’s Law of Independence free essay sample

Mendel’s Law of Independence- this is where Mendel discovered that two people having the same organisms will have their own independent assortment of organisms. This discovery was made after he had experimented with plants that had differences in traits in multiple ways. Assuming the genetics is passed f to the offspring random and independently of each other. There was much random pairing of subsequent pairing. The other hypothesis that Mendel mentioned, in the text was the dominate allele. In this hypothesis he discovered how to determine heritable traits. In my own words he discovered that we can have offspring of different traits however if there is dominance in the genes they will rule the gene. The example for the laws of independence is if two genes were introduced they could provide genes that dominate. Like the puppies in the text, the dominating gene is the darker one so that one dominated the other genes. We will write a custom essay sample on Mendel’s Law of Independence or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Tempest, Great response! I agree that Mendel’s hypothesis are like bingo balls with the variety of heritable traits that are transferred between the genes that we are made of! Just because the parent may have the gene yet it is not visible is the gene transferable? Some of the genes that my grandmother had I now have and everyone said that I would be another! This is possible of the units of genes that make us each our own individual! Do you feel that he was experimenting just because or was he instinctually trying to find the answer to heritable traits? Faisal, Great response! I agree that the discovery that Mandel made about the law of independence is very true! By experimenting with the plant seeds he discovered genes and the purpose of them. I understand that the pups born in the example will have the genetic makeup of the parents or their parents. Genes are genetic qualities passed down randomly, so do you think that an individual can produce an offspring of more distant relative? The most common features of physical security begin with the wide use of the three D’s. Detect, deter, and deny access is the most used in the physical security field. Detect the individual who has breached security, deter the indivisible away from potential happenings; and then deny access of the particular environment or asset. Seeing how this is physical security the most commonly used are lighting systems, locks, and alarm systems, both because they serve as a distraction to the criminal. Lights allow the criminal little access and the alarm brings attention to the occurrence, 24 hours a day. I feel that the age of technology has exceled because most common used physical security is motion detected. Locks keep the crime from instantly happening. Intruders would have to break in if locks were used. However the least commonly used is the actual security guard and key locks. Reason being is that the age of technology is advancing and so is physical security. Lyndi, Great response! I agree that locks serve the purpose of keeping immediate access limited. Do the changes of computerized locks affect the ability to keep control the physical security issues a business may have? The lights as a physical security purpose is one of the most used protections against crime because of the unavailability of the darkness and the individual getting caught. However I feel that the use of actual security guards is a thing of the past! Do you feel that the career of a plain security guard will soon fade do to the advancement in technology. Jennifer, Great response! There are many extant features of physical security purposes however the one that works for one area may not for another. I find it very interesting that you mentioned motion detecting lights! The purpose of the motion is to alert the individual they are attempting to enter somewhere noticeable. So do you feel that in the near future the selection of motion detecting physical security will be a bigger demand? I would love to hear your opinion on the future of physical security.

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Refugees in Africa

Refugees in Africa Report on Refugees in Africaaka Da Foo-Gees ihn AhfrikahDefinition:A refugee is a person who has fled or been expelled from his or her country of origin because of natural catastrophe, war or military occupation, or fear of religious, racial, or political persecution. (Funk and Wagnalls New Encyclopedia).Where African refugees are found:Africa, with more than 600 different ethnic groups, has about one-third of the world's refugees, people uprooted by famine or by political liberation struggles and escaping racial and ethnic oppression and economic hardship. Caught in the turmoil that characterizes developing nations in the 20th century, some African nations have refugees going both in and out of their country, something that exists nowhere else.There are currently over 6,500,000 refugees in Africa. Here is a small list of how many they are, and where they can be found:‚Â ® Zaire: This country has by far the largest number of refugees in Africa.Refugees waiting to leave the campO n the 21st of November 1996, the High Commissioner reported that over 1.4 million Rwandan Hutus were currently in this country. In addition there are about 500,000 Angolan, Sudanese and Burundi refugees in Zaire.‚Â ® Malawi is inhabited by 700,000 refugees from Mozambique.‚Â ® Sudan: The 650,000 refugees in Sudan come from Eritrea, Ethiopia and Chad‚Â ® Guinea: There are about 600,000 refugees in Guinea. Most of them are from Liberia and Sierra Leone.‚Â ® Tanzania hosts 500,000 Burundi's and refugees from MozambiqueThese are only the five most significant African refugee host countries. Most other African countries also host refugees but this is where the largest part of them is.A typical case study: A political crisis in Burundi:Fights between government forces and armed groups in the area of a refugee camp in Burundi (Mugano) in January 1996 resulted in the mass...

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How to Use and Conjugate Plurals of German Nouns

How to Use and Conjugate Plurals of German Nouns In English, its simple: just add an -s or -es to form the plural of a noun. In German, however, it is a little more complex. Not only do you have to deal with changing everything that precedes a noun when you pluralize it, but now you are faced with at least five choices to change the noun into! But do not despair, you can either a) memorize the plural of a noun or b) follow the guidelines for the five main groups of plural formation, which we have listed below. We suggest you do both. In time and with a little practice, youll be able to get the natural feel for noun plural formation. The Different Plural Nouns The main groups of plural noun formation are as follows: Plural Nouns With -E Endings: Most German nouns that consist of one syllable will add -e to form plurals in all grammatical cases. EXCEPTION: in the dative -en is used. Some nouns will also have umlaut changes. Plural Nouns With -ER Endings: Nouns in this group add –er when plural (-ern in the dative case) and are always either masculine or neuter. There may be some umlaut changes. Plural Nouns With -N/EN Endings: These nouns add either –n or –en to form the plural in all four cases. They are mostly feminine and have no umlaut changes. Plural Nouns With -S Endings: Similar to English, these nouns add an –s in plural form. They are mostly of foreign origin and have therefore no umlaut changes. Plural Nouns With No End Changes: Nouns in this group do not change their word endings in the plural, except for in the dative case where -n is added. There might be some umlaut changes. Most nouns in this group are either neuter or masculine and usually contain one of the following endings: -chen, -lein, -el, -en or -er.

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Benjamin Franklin Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Benjamin Franklin - Essay Example Benjamin Franklin reflected that culture through his life and this reflection of cultural and national pride of the Americans is evident in The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. It is clear that the cultural pride of the nation and its citizens has been so natural in the system that it is found the hardest element in life to live away from. Franklin explains this notion in the work when at the end of discussion on a long list of the desirable qualities of life that can be achieved through practice. Thus, when the Americans are hurt on their cultural pride, the natural outcome of every such attempt has been revolt which has been expressed through the historical events such as those touching the national consciousness and provincial thinking. â€Å"In reality, there is, perhaps, no one of our natural passions so hard to subdue as pride. Disguise it, struggle with it, beat it down, stifle it, mortify it as much as one pleases, it is still alive, and will every now and then peep out a nd show itself; you will see it, perhaps, often in this history; for, even if I could conceive that I had completely overcome it, I should probably be proud of my humility.† (Franklin). This has been the rule of life and that of culture that the integrity of every person, nation and culture is respected or the result will, naturally, be revolt. To find the origin of American provincialism, one may reach up to the days when the American people lived isolated from the disturbances of European life and this has been the center of their cultural pride and heritage. â€Å"Americans have long been proud of their pioneer roots, and have celebrated common sense over the pomp of aristocracy. This is just one of the more visible results of our founding provincialism. In fact, from the beginning, observers noted the salubrious consequences of Americas distance from Europe†¦ The ethic of rugged individualism is not

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STRATEGIC OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

STRATEGIC OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT - Essay Example As mentioned above, Tesco is nothing less than a living legend since it has been able to survive for so many decades. Quite understandably, this has caught the attention many experts, professionals, and critics. They all wonder about that magic formula or approach or Tesco has, which has enabled it to fight, survive and grow. Tesco takes pride in revealing this magic formula and calls it as Tesco’s way. More importantly, this Tesco’s way was noticeable during the visit to the Magor’s distribution centre. Sophistication in technology, highly trained and capable staff to use the same, simple yet complete and spacious infrastructure, proper planning with back up plans for peak times, efforts undertaken to ensure employee satisfaction, micro management, proper communication amongst employees, acknowledgement of company’s goals by employees and others were showing a glimpse of what makes up the Tesco’s way. Without any doubts, Tesco’s operations revolve around the corporate objectives set by the top management and inherited by its founder Jack Cohen. Jack once said, â€Å"You cannot do business sitting on your ass† (Seth & Randall, pp. 212-213, 2001). Jack’s strategy was of constant hard work, innovation, change, adaptability, and openness to experience and Tesco has inherited the same from him. Constant growth, being valued by the customers, and having the most committed and loyal staff, becoming a global retailer having influence at all parts of the world and making Tesco a strong brand name even for non-food items. Moreover, for creating this value, Tesco believes that it should the understand the needs, cultures and mindset of its customers, create maximum employee satisfaction because it leads to customer satisfaction and divert all its strength, efforts, and innovation towards creating value for its customers. Another famous tagline of Tesco is